Ten Suggestions for a Fast Day


Each participant will be marking the day in their own. Some will be fasting the entire day, some missing a meal and some will not be fasting but marking it with some meaningful action related to the goals of the fast. We don’t have any communal events for fast participants tomorrow. We hope that on our second fast day, Wednesday, August 19, we will have public events in several cities. Rabbi Jarah Greenfield has developed a ritual that could be used for public events based on an earlier version developed by Rabbi Arthur Waskow of the Shalom Center. You can access the ritual on our website at http://fastforgaza.org/node/33

We encourage you to do at least one thing tomorrow with the goal of ending the blockade of Gaza.

Here are ten suggestions:

1. Write a letter to friends, family and people in your life telling them about your decision to fast and encourage them to join you.

2. Take some time for prayer/reflection/meditation. The readings in the public ritual http://fastforgaza.org/node/33 developed by Rabbi Jarah Greenfield may be helpful in your helpful in your prayer.

3. Make a contribution to ANERA’s Milk for Toddlers campaign http://www.anera.org/ourWork/healthRelief/ANERA-MilkandBiscuitProgramDoe...

4. Write a letter to the editor or an article for your local paper about the Fast for Gaza and why you chose to participate in this campaign.

5. Read about the situation in Gaza. There are some articles on ourwebsite.


6. Write an article about your experience of the fast, share with friends and send it to Rabbi Brant Rosen (ravboaz@comcast.net) to be considered for posting on our website.

7. Commit to helping plan or to attend a public event in your area on the second fast day in August. Contact Rabbi Jarah Greenfield at jarahg@gmail.com to offer help.

8. Participate in the phone conference with Dr. Roy http://fastforgaza.org/node/21

9. Post the flyer for the fast on bulletin boards in your community and/or make copies for the literature table in your religious community or other community places in your area. The flyer is available on the website.

10. Send our press release to your local paper or to a reporter you know. http://fastforgaza.org/node24