Resisting the Siege: Conversations with Gazans, Conference Call with Sami Abdel Shafi and Cindy and Craig Corrie

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A recording of the first in a series of monthly phone conference calls with people from Gaza and/or experts on Gaza. Our first call, on Thursday, March 18, featured Sami Abdel Shafi, an independent political analyst in Gaza, and Cindy and Craig Corrie. The Corrie's daughter, Rachel, was killed by an Israeli bulldozer in 2005 as she tried to protect a Palestinian home from demolition. They joined us from Haifa where they were participating in the hearing of their civil suit against the Government of Israel. Questions were submitted by participants in the call.

The audio is about 67 minutes and the file is 23 MB; you can download it by clicking (or right-clicking) on the filename. From there you can put it on iPod etc. Or you can simply listen on your computer by clicking on the "play" arrow.

The recording begins at 3:40 minutes. Please fast forward to that point in the recording. If you listen on this web page, you can drag the progress bar forward and the minute/second counter will show you where you are. If you download it and put it on your mp3 player, just fast-forward as you would for any other audio on your player.

Content of the call recording:

03:40: Rabbis Brant Rosen and Brian Walt on the Fast effort (about 7 mins)
10:45: Report from Sami Abdel Shafi from Gaza (about 32 mins)
32:20: Brian Walt interviews Craig and Cindy Corrie (about 35 minutes)

You may also listen to the call over the telephone by dialing:

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