Goldstone: Recording and Transcipt of Call with 150 Rabbis

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Note: You can also download the transcript of the call.

On Sunday evening October 18, 2009, Judge Richard Goldstone spoke with 150 rabbis by conference call in an event organized by Ta'anit Tzedek Jewish Fast For Gaza and co-sponsored by Rabbis for Human Rights - North America, The Brit Tzedek Rabbinic Cabinet and Ohalah The Network of Renewal Rabbis.

Click on the play button symbol in order to hear an audio recording of the call.

The program starts at 3:00 in the recording. You can drag the rectangle thing forward to skip the "hello, anybody there" banter at the beginning. We will ultimately edit this but didn't want to delay in getting this out.

We'd like to shout out our thanks to Adam Goldberg, Stephanie Taylor and the folks at Tigerfish Transcription and Editing for providing the excellent transcription pro bono.