Audio of Conference Call with Dr. Sara Roy and Mona abu Ramadan

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Ta'anit Tzedek, the Jewish Fast For Gaza hosted Dr. Sara Roy from Harvard and Mona abu Ramadan, aid worker living in Gaza on a conference call held today, July 16, 2009. 87 were on the call. It was powerful and disturbing to hear of the plight of Gaza's children from Ms. abu Ramadan and angering to hear from Dr. Roy about Israel's role in making Gazans' life one of destitution.

The audio is about 80 minutes and the file is 28 MB; you can download it by clicking (or right-clicking) on the filename. From there you can put it on iPod etc. Or you can simply listen on your computer by clicking on the "play" arrow.

If you are interested in listening to only a part or parts of the call, you can fast-forward to the part that you want. If you listen on this web page, you can drag the progress bar forward and the minute/second counter will show you where you are. If you download it and put it on your mp3 player, just fast-forward as you would for any other audio on your player.

Content of the call recording:

00:00: Rabbis Brant Rosen and Brian Walt on the Fast effort (13:30 mins)
13:30: Report from Mona abu Ramadan from Gaza about the current status of children in Gaza (11:00 mins)
24:22 Brian Walt introduces Dr. Sara Roy and Sara's talk (about 75 minutes)

Note: On the call Rabbi Rosen mistakenly said that the next fast will be on August 21. In fact, the next fast will be on August 19.