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Posted: October, 2010


    A detailed report by Yonatan and Itamar Shapiro of the interception of the" Jewish Boat for Gaza" by the Israeli navy. They counter the description of the interception and takeover as nonviolent.


    An inspiring article on the life and work of Maireed Maguire by John Dear, executive director of the Fellowship of Reconciliation.

    "If we want to reap the harvest of peace and justice in the future, we will have to sow seeds of nonviolence, here and now, in the present." Maireed Maguire

Posted: October, 2009

  • Huffington Post

    "There are many opinions on the Mideast conflict, but one thing is certain: the situation in Gaza is a humanitarian and human rights disaster, and it cannot continue"

    David Love, a human rights advocate in Philadelphia and member of the Editorial Board member of, discusses the denial of human rights in Gaza and Taanit Tzedek's efforts to uphold these rights. He quotes from a sermon by Rabbi Linda Holtzman, one of the members of the founding rabbinical minyan of Jewish Fast for Gaza:

    “The men and women who have formed the settlements on the West Bank love Israel. All of those who have built barriers, set up roadblocks, and stopped humanitarian aid from entering Gaza, love Israel,” Rabbi Linda said. “I too love Israel, but under no circumstances can I condone these actions, and my understanding of love and the limits love demands will not let me sit quietly by while this is taking place.”


Posted: September, 2009

  • Jerusalem Post

    Rabbis Brant Rosen and Brian Walt respond to Rabbi Forman's attack on Taanit Tzedek that appeared in the Jerusalem Post.

  • Rabbi Brian Walt's Personal Blog

    Rabbi Walt's blog post on the day of the second fast. He reviews some of the facts that came of a report by Gisha, an Israeli human rights organization. He calls for inspired participation in ending the injustice of the blockade against Gaza.

  • Shai Gluskin's Blog,

    Personal explanation on why he's participating in the fast. Lots of facts about what is going on Gaza. Also an explanation about how Israel's sovereignty of Gaza was not changed by disengagement.

Posted: August, 2009

  • Jewish Exponent (Philadelphia)

    Article and photo about the event that took place near the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia on the second fast day. As would be expected, the article misleading information about how many tons of food are let through and how much fuel. These raw numbers are meaningless. They only make sense when compared to what the need is.

  • USA Today

    Tom Krattenmaker, a religion writer for USA Today, points to Fast for Gaza as an example of people of different faiths joining together across the divide of the "clash of civilizations" He argues that the "clash of civilizations" argument is losing steam.

  • Daily Kos

    Carol Towarnicky, a Jewish Fast participant in Philadelphia explores the challenging message of Mona Abu Ramadan and Dr. Sara Roy in the phone conference organized by Taanit Tzedek on the first fast day. In light of the of the devastatiing reality in Gaza and the dim prospects for peace, she shares why she will fast again on the second monthly fast day.

Posted: July, 2009

  • Law and Disorder Radio

    Rabbi Brian Walt discusses Ta'anit Tzedek with hosts Michael Ratner and Michael Smith on the Law and Disorder Radio program (WBAI).

  • Jewish Telegraphic Agency

    JTA article that appeared shortly after the launch of Ta'anit Tzedek.

  • "Radio or Not" - Air America

    Ta'anit Tzedek coordinator Rabbi Brian Walt discusses the initiative in a powerful and wide-ranging interview with radio host Nicole Sandler on Air America.

  • Daily Kos

    A Daily Kos feature on the fast.


    A passionate article urging support of the fast by Reverend Robert Thompson (Evanston, IL)

  • The Jerusalem Post

    Jerusalem Post reporter Elan Miller profiles Ta'anit Tzedek - Jewish Fast for Gaza.

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